Happy February!

I was just checking Feb. birthdays in our family and realize the 16th was my mother’s birthday and when she died the day came and went sans excitement. And then I gained Gretchen, a special daughter-in-law with a Feb. 16th birth date! I wonder what the odds of that are…..

A bit of research reveals that this shortest month in our calendar is pronounced Feb-u-ary by some and Feb-roo-ary by others. I say – and I think I hear – Feb-u-ary most often as it flows easily after January. Have you ever thought about how you pronounce this shortest month of the year? Did you even notice the ‘r’? 🤤

Of course, in most countries, February is synonymous with Valentine’s Day, cupids, hearts and anything chocolate! Although it is a major consumer day, surprisingly, it is not a public holiday in any country. In Canada, the day is celebrated on Feb. 14th and provides a chance for people to say they love somebody in a romantic way. It seems very commercialized in our day with the promotion of teddy bears, toy hearts, sparkling wine, etc. Be sure not to forget those yummy Turtles, too…..might they be anyone else’s favourite  Feb. gift?

Do You Know… famous “romantic couples?”

Just for fun, here is a list of names of people who were half of a famous “couple” – either in legends or in “our time.” See if you can find their “other half” in the 2nd list of names.

1. Antony  2. Elizabeth Taylor  3. Marie Curie  4. Samson  5. Adam  6. Scarlett O’Hara  7. Elizabeth Browning  8. Tristan  9. Robin Hood  10. Tarzan

a. Maid Marion  b. Delilah  c. Isolde  d. Rhett Butler  e. Robert….  f. Cleopatra          g.  Richard Burton  h. Eve  i. Jane  j. Pierre



1-f,   2-g,   3-j,   4-b,   5-h,   6- d,   7-e,   8-c,   9-a,   10 -i


Image Courtesy: Chordboard, via Wikimedia Commons


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