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I’m very grateful today that our country’s government is still up and running! However,  in the USA this week the government has ‘shut down’ and this means the National Parks are closed. Let’s invite our USA friends to come up and tour one of our 47 National Parks.

See if you can match just 13/47  National Parks with the province or territory where our USA friends would find them.

1. Gros Morne  2. Baffin Island  3. Pukaskwa  4. Riding Mountain  5. Kouchibouguac  6. Kluane  7. Sirmilik  8. Banff  9. Prince Albert  10. Forillon 11. Yoho  12. Prince Edward Island  13. Kejmkujik

I decided that it’s a new year so why not have the”Quiz” a bit more challenging, hence the increase in numbers to tax your Canadian knowledge!   Here are the answers:

1-NL  2-NWT  3-ON  4-MB  5-NB  6-Yukon  7-NU  8-AB  9-SK  10-QC  11-BC  12-PEI  13-NS




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