Canadian Honours

On the morning of Nov. 11th, while standing at a local cenotaph with a large group of proud ‘poppy-wearers,’ I began thinking about this topic (Canadian Honours).   As I watched the various armed forces march by with colourful ribbons and medals proudly displayed, a Pipe Band made my Scottish blood tingle! I noted the […]

Spring Flowers

Spring is actually making an appearance here on the West Coast! We’ve had a few warm, breezy days and the daffodils and tulips are popping up all over. I found a “surprise” bouquet of tulips at our front door last week and enjoyed them for days before learning they were from our neighbour next door. […]

Olympics & Paralympics 2018 Wrap-Up

I’m back!  A week in the Mexican sun was lovely, and I’m almost back into my “website routine!” But no worries, because I have something special to share today! I have a wonderful young friend, Liz Montroy, who, as part of the Canadian Olympics Committee’s Digital Media Team, worked tirelessly behind the scenes to keep […]

Did You Know…

I’m very grateful today that our country’s government is still up and running! However,  in the USA this week the government has ‘shut down’ and this means the National Parks are closed. Let’s invite our USA friends to come up and tour one of our 47 National Parks. See if you can match just 13/47  […]