About the Book

positively-canadian-coverWant to know more about this great country of Canada? Ready to improve your English as you “share a conversation” with the author? Then this book is for you!

The informal writing style makes it utterly readable and delightfully entertaining. You could read it just for the fun of knowing more about Canada and skip over the English exercises.

Or, you could just do the exercises to give you a little help in improving your English grammar skills. Either way, you can’t help but learn more about Canada as every sentence in the exercises tells you a bit more..

The author’s light-hearted comments and personal experiences with many of the facts on each province and territory add a delightful informality to the writing.

Whether you are an ESL student wanting grammar practice while learning zany Canadian facts, a new citizen of Canada eager for an overview of the Provinces and Territories, or an adult interested in a high-level refresher on Canada, there is something here for all of you.


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