Where to Ski in Canada!

Ready for skiers!

We are in the midst of cooler days and a myriad of colours!  I love seeing lots of yellow, orange and red leaves trickling down from the trees. Do you remember as a school kid trying to find the “perfect” one to take home and iron with wax paper to preserve it? Growing up in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, there were always so many more red leaves! A friend just back from visiting Ottawa mentioned how awesome the rich red colourful leaves were back there.

Here in BC, I know we appreciate the fall colours, but I think the colour on many people’s minds – or at least for avid outdoors folks – is white i.e. for SNOW!  Time to tune up the skis, find the helmets and check for skiwear fit! I know for our family, ski suits and even ski boots always seemed to ‘shrink’ over the summer! It’s interesting to watch the trends over time. Long skis used to be in vogue years ago but they have become much shorter over time and – so I’m told – boots are even more comfortable! Ski boots and “comfortable” were never words I ever used in the same sentence!

To get you ready for having fun in the snow across Canada, here is a small quiz to see if you can match the name of the ski hill, or resort, with its Province or Territory. We hear the names of the “big hills” more often than the smaller ones, and so we know that Mont Tremblant and Whistler Blackcomb are each well-known in QC and BC, and of course also Lake Louise Resort.  I was interested to learn that BC has 13 ski resorts across ten mountain ranges! I would have to research the others, but I do know the Rockies, Monashees, Selkirks and Purcells. I did not know you could go Kite Skiing in Nunavut! I also did not know that Sugarloaf Mountain in NB is an extinct late Devonian volcano!  You may read more here!  https://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/atlantic-canadian-mega-volcanoes-blamed-in-mass-extinction-1.1360527

Here are some of Canada’s lesser-known ski hills/resorts – in no order of size or kind of skiing. While almost all advertise downhill runs, many also include cross country skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. See how many you can match with the correct province or territory closest to you!

1. Calabogie Peaks  2. Crabbe Mountain  3. Kicking Horse Mountain Resort  4. Asessippi Ski Area & Resort 5. Grosbeak Lake ( 1 9 km loop) 6. Marble Mountain Resort  7. Wapiti Valley Ski Resort  8. Brookvale Winter Activity Park  9. Edelweiss Valley  10. Ski Wentworth  11. Mount Norquay  12. Moose Mountain Downhill Ski Hill



1. ON  2. NB  3. BC  4. MB  5. NT  6. NL  7. SK  8. PEI  9. QC  10. NS  11. AB  12. YK


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